Lion Potrait

-Panthera leo-

Some attributes
First Vulnerable
Second Pantherinae
Third Meat


Other attributes
Fourth Subtropical
Fifth about 1½ to 2 stars

about 3½ to 4 stars (White Lion)

Sixth up to 11 of the same type
The Lion is an animal in Wildlife Park Tycoon. It is one of the animals in the game to live in the savanna.

The Lion is one of the four species of big cats.

In-game DescriptionEdit


Panthera leo

The 'king of the animals' likes a peaceful life; the females are generally the more active partner and will hunt for prey while the male spends hours dozing in the shade under a tree. The rank of each animal in the group determines which one can devour the prey first. This species is endangered.


The Lion has also appeared in previous games:

- Wildlife Park

- Wildlife Park:Wild Creatures

In-game Appearance (Wildlife Park Tycoon).

- Wildlife Park 2

- Wildlife Park 2:Crazy Zoo

- Wildlife Park 2: Marine World

- *Wildlife Zoo

- **Wildlife Zoo: Deluxe

- Wildlife Park Tycoon (current)


  1. * - This is the US version for Wildlife Park 2
  2. ** - This is also * but this includes Wildlife Park 2: Marine World. The only expansion pack to make it to the US.