(Woolly Mammoth)

Mammoth Potrait
-Mammuthus primigenius-
Some attributes
First Extinct
Second *Mammuthus


     1. *- Extinct genus
Third Grasses


Other attributes
Fourth Temperate
Fifth about 4½ to 5 stars (also Black Mammoth)
Sixth up to 10 of the same type
The Mammoth is an animal in Wildlife Park Tycoon. It is one of the extinct animals to appear in the game.

This kind of mammoth is a Woolly Mammoth.

In-game DescriptionEdit


Mammonteus primigenius

Mammoths can mean any among a number of an extinct elephant species that inhabited north America, Europe, Asia and even Africa up to the 40th latitude during the last Ice Age and just prior to it. They evolved from one elephant group from the tertiary age and evolved through several intermediary forms. During the evolutionary process they specialized in eating grass and developed a number of adaptations to the cold: mammonteus primigenius (woolly mammoth), early Pleistocene; mammonteus trogontherii (steppe mammoth), middle Pleistocene and archidiskodon merdionalis (southern elephant), late Pleistocene. The term “mammoth” is generally used to refer to the woolly mammoth that lived in Europe and north Asia during the last Ice Age. However, most mammoth species did not generally have hair or a coat. The woolly mammoth was frequently hunted by the late Pleistocene people, and this is documented by numerous cave paintings. It is still not certain whether the mammoth population died out due to excessive hunting or because of changes in climate at the end of the Ice Age.


The Mammoth has also appeared in previous games. Except Wildlife Park because Wildlife Park:Wild Creatures had to be installed.

- Wildlife Park:Wild Creatures
Mammoth Ingame

In-game Appearance (Wildlife Park Tycoon)

- Wildlife Park 2

- Wildlife Park 2:Crazy Zoo

- Wildlife Park 2: Marine World

- *Wildlife Zoo

- **Wildlife Zoo: Deluxe

- Wildlife Park Tycoon (current)


  1. * - This is the US version for Wildlife Park 2
  2. ** - This is also * but this includes Wildlife Park 2: Marine World. The only expansion pack to make it to the US.