Sea Lion

(California Sea Lion)

Sealion Potrait
California Sea lion

-Zalophus californianus-

Some attributes
First Least Concern
Second Pinniped
Third Fish


Other attributes
Fourth Temperate
Fifth about 2 to 3½ stars
Sixth up to 25 of the same type
The Sea lion is an animal in Wildlife Park Tycoon. It is the only marine animal to appear in the game.

This kind of sea lion is a California sea lion.

In-game DescriptionEdit

Sea Lion

Zalophus californianus

The California sea lion is a real joy to every animal trainer and is therefore a main attraction in parks and aquariums. The torpedo-shaped, supple body gives these animals an impressive level of agility which they also need for catching fish. This species is strictly protected along the Californian and Mexican coast where thankfully the sea lion population is increasing.


The Sea lion has also appeared in previous games:

- Wildlife Park

- Wildlife Park:Wild Creatures

In-game Appearance (Wildlife Park Tycoon).

- Wildlife Park 2

- Wildlife Park 2:Crazy Zoo

- Wildlife Park 2: Marine World

- *Wildlife Zoo

- **Wildlife Zoo: Deluxe

- Wildlife Park Tycoon (current)


  1. * - This is the US version for Wildlife Park 2
  2. ** - This is also * but this includes Wildlife Park 2: Marine World. The only expansion pack to make it to the US.